Thank you! Daughter has exactly what you describe! Gluteus protrusion, so badly so we worried she may have scoliosis, her orthopedist said she is something he does not understand..xrays show perfectly straight spine, but when she bends over her spine shifts. Her sister has no trouble with turnout but for her it is very difficult…she was born with pigeon toed stance and a bit bowlegged..her teacher is training to be a physiotherapist for sports..she feels the stretching and ball exercises will help the tightness in our daughter’s skeletal/joint issues…your blog helps us visualize her challenges!

 Tara – Dance Mom!


Having participated in Brent’s classes over 2011, it enabled me to keep up a fitness regime which incorporates a social aspect in which I feel has allowed the group members to motivate one another to reach their individual goals. Brent’s enthusiasm and easy going nature allows me to feel comfortable and confident to push myself to succeed under his supportive guidance, ensuring I reach my full potential.

Laura Iacaobaccio – 21, Melbourne, Australia


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