Irish Dance Fitness Training

Coaching Carriage & Posture

Everyone has a question, or something that they really need to know when it comes to getting fit for Irish Dancing, but what kind of fitness do they really mean? From getting through that set dance, to post class recovery, and even fixing one’s carriage, these are all areas where the fitness of the Irish Dancer needs to be addressed.

Flexibility, Muscle Strength, Endurance, Breathing, Nutrition, Recovery & Injury Prevention are just some of the areas which I go into in my Irish Dance Fitness training. When coaching and explaining how to improve each of these areas, I incorporate specific Irish Dance exercises which help the body to use the correct muscles to adequately prepare and condition itself for the intense performance required at every level of Irish Dancing.

Videos, Articles and Blogs are just some of the ways in which many of these methods and some of these issues can be addressed. However, for maximum potential, personalised instruction via Workshops and online based training, would provide the most benefit for all those involved.

I hope that you thoroughly enjoy it all, and have fun!

3 thoughts on “Irish Dance Fitness Training

  1. My daughter has been dancing since she was 6yrs old she is now 20 and still going (open champion ) she has had multiple stress fractures in her feet the past 2 years goes to ortho wears boot 6 to 12 weeks feels better begins dancing then pain starts all over is there any things to do for this will it just never truely heal until she stops (which I don’t see hapening any time soon!!) Thanks for any insight

  2. hello brent,delighted to come across your post on forum to check out your feisfit web site,my son has been dancing since he was 6,he truely loves to dance and is quite good,reaching fairly good results,bt sadly the last 6/7 months he has been struck down with injuries,firstly he broke his toemhe was out of action,his fitness went ans has never really been back to its best,attending physio which helps but now he gets pains in his heels,in the centre of his heels,ibe been told he is having huge growth spurts,not permantent painful enough to keep him out of feis,luckly he qualified for worlds his first we are goin to enjoy the experience,so please im hoping what will help swimming,gym workout what would be best for him im told skipping is good but this does not suit as the pounding on heels hyrts,physio infomed me my dd overloads his feet very easily,so sorry for the long messge,i just wish i could afford personel trainer for my son,he loves to dance,and i know his general fitness is holding him back pleas e help

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