Welcome to the Alliance Directory!

Below you can find a list of all of my friends and their pages. Hopefully you can gain something as great from them as I have. Give them a “Like” on the way!

Éire Entertainment

AMS Activate Motivate Stimulate Fitness
Melbourne, Australia!/pages/AMS-Fitness/238833139471234

Celtic Illusion, Dance Show

Anthony Street, Eureka Entertainment

Sneaky Steppers, Public Irish Dance Flash Mob

Ciara Sexton, Principal Dancer, Lord of the Dance
United Kingdom

Natural Muscle Bodybuilding
Melbourne, Australia

Gricha Venkov, Shape The Liquid
London, United Kingdom

Victoria Boer Fitness
London, United Kingdom

Pat Henry, Henry Wellness
Dublin, Ireland

Éire Rabusin Studios
Irish Dance Australia

Aaron Crosbie Irish Dance Academy
London, United Kingdom

Michael Donnellan, Choreographer, Rhythms Of Ireland/Magic Of The Dance
Co. Clare, Ireland

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