Parade of the Champions

Brent Pace Rabusin is a Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer and Professional Irish Dancer living in Melbourne, Australia. Born into an Irish Dancing family, Brent has been a competitive and performing Irish Dancer for the past 17 years.  Brent is a qualified Master Personal Trainer and has trained extensively from London to Dublin to Melbourne teaming his skills in Irish Dance with his ever growing knowledge of Health and Fitness.

A 5 Time Australian National Irish Dance Champion and Former Lead Dancer in Michael Donnellan’s “Rhythms of Ireland”, Brent has claimed 3 World Medals and 2 Silver All Ireland Medals, in most recent years. Brent returned home from dancing with the Aaron Crosbie Academy in London, where he not only built on his Irish Dancing but also continued to develop his Fitness capabilities. Upon his return to Melbourne, AMS Fitness, Brent’s very own fitness business began, and, in a short amount of time, has built up a significant base of loyal clientele.

Brent’s passions lie both in Irish Dance and Health & Fitness. He is continually improving his skills to help both his clients as well as all facets of the Irish Dance community. Since gaining his Masters in Personal Training, Brent has encountered a great many people throughout his travels, many of whom have sought proper and sound advice with regards to the fitness aspects of Irish Dancing. As a result of training with the likes of Michael Flatley’s very own Personal Trainer Pat Henry in Dublin, Brent has been able to combine his skills in both areas, to really know the ins and outs of the Irish dancer physique.

Brent is happy to be contacted at any time, about any questions you may have, or anything you may need to know.

“My goal for this blog, is to just be able to share with everyone, how and what I have learned through my years of experience in both Irish Dance and Fitness. If I can just help one person on their journey to reaching their goals and improving their performance, then I have reached my goal.” Brent Pace Rabusin

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  1. Hello Brent. I have an 8-year old prelim Irish dancer and comments from adjudicators and teachers are arms moving while dancing. She has tried holding coins in her hands and tissue under her arms – what suggestions or exercises do you have to improve posture/carriage and arms? She is competing in her first Oireachtas in December in US.

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