Celtic Illusion Tour 2011!

Completely off the topic of Irish Dance Fitness, I have been busily touring this last month with the planet’s newest Irish Dance Show – Celtic Illusion! My long time friend Anthony Street has dreamed, created and choreographed the show through out the last year into what is definitely going to become a great success. With an All Australian cast, there is a big future ahead for Celtic Illusion in and outside of the Irish dance world. After rave reviews, a highly successful and although at times, stressful first tour, the production is finally ready to be launched onto the World stage. Congratulations Anthony!

Here is what had to be said for the show:

“Irish dance has come a long way since the premier of such shows as Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. Now be prepared as irish dance is taken to the next level in this world first dance phenomenon. Anthony Street, former principal dancer from Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance and magician, will fuse magic and dance together in this never seen before stage spectacular.

Embark on a journey of magic and amazement as you witness breathtaking illusions amongst modern irish dance performed by a cast of champion dancers. With a blend of modern celtic music composed By Angela Little (Baz Luhrmanns ‘Australia’) and flawless choreography, this show is absolutely unmissable. These international professionals will take your breath away whilst they share with you their perfected craft. This is entertainment at its best.”


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